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E-Revo Revolver 700-HO Motor Conversion Kit    $99.99

If you're looking for big gains in power output but do not want to break the bank, try this motor system. With this motor system, get the power of a basic to mid level brushless system and still keep your truck waterproof... 


  • Includes 2 Revolver 700-HO motors. You would typically find these motors in powertools, vaccums and RC boats - more than 1 3/4" in diameter and more than 2 1/2" long.
  • One motor puts out 361 watts, more horsepower than 2 Traxxas Titans.
  • Waterproof.
  • Mount made of thick natural high-grade 6061 aluminum.
  • Uses stock Traxxas EVX-2 speed controller.
  • All hardware included - No permanent modifications necessary.
  • Kershaw Designs recommends using only "top shelf" NiMH battery packs or at least 15C LiPo packs with this kit. Click HERE to contact KD for recommended brands.
  • Kit includes 2 Revolver 700-HO motors, T-6 6061 aluminum motor mount, capacitors, hardware, full color instruction manual and 25T steel oversized pinions.
  • Motors available with optional Motor Prep that has your motors arrive with wires, capacitors and plugs already soldered in place.

    Optional Motor Care Equipment

    Dynamite Magnum Force 2 Motor Spray

    Clean convenient way to clean gunk out of any brushed motor

    Light Oil Bushing/ Bearing Lube

    A must after breaking in or cleaning out motors

    2x Outerwears Motor Filter

    Extend the durability of your motors even more

    2x Integy 700/820 Motor Heat Sink Fan/ Splicing Harness

    Motors already run cool. Put these on to be cooler

    2x Integy 700/820 Twin Motor Heat Sink Fan/ Splicing Harness

    Motors already run cool. Put these on to be cooler

    Choice of Color

    Choice of Color

    Choice of Color

    E-Revo 700-HO Motor Kit - $99.99
    Motor Prep -
    Choice of Pinion

    Out of Stock

    2.4GHz Radio Motor Prep -
    No Caps - $8

    AM/FM Radio Motor Prep -
    Caps Included - $12


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